This app is an unofficial fan-made digital adaptation of Deep Space D-6, a fantastic solitaire board game by Tau Leader Games. You are the captian of a spaceship deep inside enemy territory, and you need to make the best use of your crew to make it out. You will be rolling dice, which represent your crew, and assigning them to different stations to deal with incoming external and internal threats. Will you use your science die to recharge shields or fix that time warp? Will you send your engineers to deal with a robot uprising or repair your hull? Will you lead your crew to victory or meet your doom in the cold void of space?

– Solitaire dice game about surviving the cruel depths of space
– Very short but very strategic games, to play anywhere
– Completely free to play, without ads or microtransactions
– Detailed interactive tutorial to learn to play, and a quick reference guide
– More than a dozen challenging achievements to unlock
– Global leaderboards system (Game Center or Google Play Games required)
– Completely offline, no Internet required

Based on the free print-and-play version of Deep Space D-6 by Tony Go.
The physical retail version of Deep Space D-6 includes 3 additional ships, and many more threat types and ways to play
Àlex Vergara Nebot is not associated with Tau Leader Games